Nam Sang Wai – The Backyard Garden of HK


Do you want to be surrounded by a number of trees? Do you want to be surrounded by a extensive grassland? Do you want to be surrounded by NATURE? If YES, Nam Sang Wai is definitely the choice.


Nam Sang Wai is a wetland area which is located in the northern part of Yuen Long in Hong Kong. In the very begining, Nam Sang Wai had accommodated a number of fish ponds and farmlands, and the villagers there constructed wood houses to live in beside the ponds. They lived in a self-sufficient way by cultivating and catching fish. You can imagine how simple and enjoyable their life is! However, as Yuen Long has been greatly developed since 1990s, part of the Nam Sang Wai has been urbanized.

Still, Nam Sang Wai is a good place to visit due to its beautiful scenery. If you love photo taking, you should go there as soon as possible and you will be crazily in love with it! 😀


Scenes of mountains, tree, grassland, rivers, fish ponds, birds……. all of these will definitely leave you an unforgettable memory. You will feel like as if you were in the wonderland!  If your life is full of stress and anxiety, this nature of beauty will certainly relief all your burden!

Apart from being a scenic spot, it is also a paradise of the wildlife. Due to its pleasant environment, many species of birds and plants can be found here!


Many of you may wonder, besides sight-seeing, what else you can do in Nam Sang Wai. In fact, bicycling is absolutely a good idea because the air is fresh there and you can enjoy the amazing scenes along the path. However, you have to be aware of the uneven mud road. Moreover, you can have picnic there. It is so relaxing and cosy to eat in the green!


You can also consider taking the ferry in Nam Sang Wai. It is a small wooden ferry which carries people across Shan Pui River. This is now the only river-crossing ferry in Hong Kong. And, it is really cheap, it just costs you $5 to cross the river!

DSCN1410  DSC_0014

I bet many of you may ask: What can I eat there? No worry! There is a store called “King Fai". it is very famous for its doufuhua, which is a Chinese snack made with very soft tofu. I have tried that before, it was really nice and smooth! Yumyum! 😛


I guess many of you cannot wait to  get there, right? Just grab your weekend to go there and to see this little stunning world away from urban Hong Kong! 🙂

How to get there?

From Yuen Long Station Exit G2, at Sun Yuen Long Centre bus stop (on Long Uat Road), take bus 76K or minibus 36, 37, 38, 75, 76 to Hung Mo Kiu. Walk along Nam Sang Wai Road to the starting point. Or catch a green taxi to the starting point at Nam Sang Wai Road.



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